The Identity

The logo design of TIMOR GAP, E.P. was composed from a nation that is the birth of life. Associative metaphors related to that nation were decided, further on, to lay a series of strong and reliable visual concept.

The birth is the essential moment in life, as an atom for the whole universe, a baby that will begin a grown-up, or a spark that will define a fire. The later figure thus are decided to be the most strong but flexible metaphor to represent the very identity of TIMOR GAP, E.P. by consideration on the philosophical nation of a growing life vitalized by its energy and on the exact product of TIMOR GAP, E.P., oil.


The Identity

A burning flame and a drop of liquid element blend in a solid single figure and substitute, or play as, one of the vocal sound of the brand name. The blending energizes and vitalizes from within, with the best color quality of nature elements: blue and green.

The TIMOR GAP, E.P. corporate logo is the most immediate representation of its company, people, and brand to the world. It is a valuable corporate asset that must be used consistently in the proper, approved forms.

Color Spectrum

The blue and green of TIMOR GAP, E.P. is a touch of the natural. The duo, though, has a deeper meaning than colors of natural elements. They, blue and green, are the highest quality of fire.
Associatively, they mean the best quality of oil energy, the very product of TIMOR GAP, E.P.