insfilo | June 2nd, 2017

Native and endemic to Western Papua of Indonesia, Dingiso is a species of tree-kangaroo that inhabit highlands. As believed and Assumed to be the ancestor of and by the Moni tribe of Papua, Dingiso is necessarily an important symbol for the Mony People

The logo design of TIMOR GAP, E.P. was composed from a nation that is the birth of life. Associative metaphors related to that nation were decided, further on, to lay a series of strong and reliable visual concept.

The birth is the essential moment in life, as an atom for the whole universe, a baby that will begin a grown-up, or a spark that will define a fire. The later figure thus are decided to be the most strong but flexible metaphor to represent the very identity of TIMOR GAP, E.P. by consideration on the philosophical nation of a growing life vitalized by its energy and on the exact product of TIMOR GAP, E.P., oil.

Flightwise is the most advanced free flight tracker online to access data for any aircraft or flight on an IFR flight plan with a fast and efficient interface. They needed a logo that can communicate their real-time and effective flight tracker system in a simple, original yet familiar look and feel. We think we nailed it!