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Dingiso (Dendrolagus mbaiso)

Native and endemic to Western Papua of Indonesia, Dingiso is a species of tree-kangaroo that inhabit highlands. As believed and assumed to be the ancestor of and by the Moni tribe of Papua, Dingiso is necessarily an important symbol for the Mony People.


Among Indonesian islands, papua is one that possesses a unique geographical morphology. Its shape alone, being isolated, already has a powerful charm to cognition.

Carstensz Pyramid

Beside being the tallest spot in Indonesia and Oceanian region, 4,884 meters above sea level, Carstensz Pyramid also considered as one among the greatest of world seven summits. These facts make the fame of its name so popular throughout continents.

Meaning & Colour

The joint of a powerfully expressive elements will with no doubt give birth to a stronger representation if one to the other integrate to arrange one new image: a brand new collage that is rich with time-enduring values. Light and dark are inevitable, authentic! They frame – as those that place the sky and earth – width and height. And blue is the calm and peace for its beholders: a basis to set feet on, set sail and keep the chin up.