Fransiskus Jati

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jati holds a Bachelor Degree in English Literature from Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta. Since his first year in college, he's already showed a great interest in learning about Information Technology, which in time led him to become a self-educated web designer & developer. Currently, he operates INSFILO and Translexi (a translation agency) as his main businesses, but still has the time to contribute to the society by managing one of the largest literature community in Indonesia,, he built with his former college friends.

Jati loves to use unique expressive phonetics. Once he's found one, he'll be very attached to it, using it all the times. The most recent sound he always utters is the lateral 'rrrrr'. It echoes every day in our office, especially when a 'touch-down' deal happens.