Brand Naming

Brand naming, as the most challenging part of branding process, very likely requires extra time span and energy, for what would be the fate of a brand must start here. There are some common occasions when the urge to name a brand becomes the very first list to deal with. People usually start to seek a brand name when a new product or new business is going to be introduced for the first time (the indispensable one); or when an existing product/business decides to rename itself in order to free its future from a negative connotation; or when an existing product/business desires to be more expansive, the desire that is so limited by the nature of the existing name.

Whatever moment that leads you to the finding of a name, you should be ready to spend more time and efforts, even more funds— if the brand aims a large market area, a vitality to endure time, and to compete against some major brand names.

No matter how human natures evolve throughout ages, there is always a need to create attractive impressions in one’s will of engaging others. It is so unavoidable in social lives as it is indispensable in business lives. In the same breath, non-business and business fellows alike do, or are supposed to, concern of the light of their identities and how that light shines. This light is going to be perceived. This light also longs to be perceived brightly, sensibly as well as cognitively. That necessity, that will, that longing, altogether define the principal ground of branding.

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